The Marsigliese roof tile brings together the beautiful appearance of a terracotta roof, enormous flexibility in use and an excellent performance, which is suitable for the most modern and state of the art in architectural designs. The Marsigliese tile is suitable even for steeply sloping roofs, with excellent waterproofing and rainwater runoff characteristics, and it is without doubt the most traditional and tested of all the clay tiles.


This is a typically Mediterranean style, and due to its attractive appearance and excellent performance it is the most commonly used tile in Europe. It is based on the development of the traditional curved tile and it reminds one of the roofs of ancient Rome formed by curved and flat tiles. It adapts itself easily to the needs of present way of construction.

Special accessories

The special accessories are required to limit the drop in performance at critical points or to solve specific problems.

The accessories are typically used at roof joints. The main accessories include the air vent base piece. This enables you to cover need exits of technical pipes in order to evoid direct contact with hot and damp or acid fumes.