About us

The Cunial Family has been manufacturing clay roof tiles in the north of Italy for a hundred and twenty years. The brand Cunial is globally recognized and highly appreciated. In the late 1990′s, after a period of significant exportation from Italy throughout the Middle East, Cunial’s ARTILE factory was established in the south of Israel. ARTILE clay roof tile factory has soon become one of the leading actors in the local market.

The production

The factory uses top quality clay, excavated from a quarry near the factory. This selected raw material is processed in traditional ceramic processing method during which a  maximum control over the grain size and purity is guaranteed. The entire factory’s concept is designed to achieve a very high quality. The highly automated plant is organized in order to carry out production line checks on the individual tile. The production output is 25,000,000 tiles per year with a range of products which

includes 3 different types of Marsigliese Tile, the Portoghese Tile, as well as a wide range of special accessories. There is also a state of the art system for coloring the tiles which provides a wide range of colors, including the fully glazed tiles.

All products are individually fired in a single layer kiln which guarantees perfection in the process and consistent quality in the coloring. A qualified in-house testing laboratory guarantees a unique product in terms of quality and appearance by means of strict quality control procedures. The advanced factory combined with Cunial’s rich experience provide top quality products and ensure customer satisfaction.

The products

A range of products which their origins are firmly established in the past, enables selection of the best solution from amongst 4 different types of tiles with a multitude of colors, which adds up to an infinite number of design possibilities. The rich range of tiles is completed by the various special accessories and ridge pieces with different types of finishes; a perfect solution for every roofing need.

Experience, careful selection of the raw materials and state of the art technology ensure that the Cunial’s Artile tiles satisfy the most demanding architectural requirements.

Corporate Responsibility

In-line with the corporate culture, Artile’s main objective is to create a safe working environment for its employees.

The manufacturing process is based on these guide lines, and we take all precautions to ensure it is carried out correctly.

Environmental Responsibility

In today’s world we are all concerned about the environment and at Artile – Cunial Tiles we believe it’s very important to look at how we can reduce our impact on our planet. Our manufacturing plant was designed for an efficient and responsible production and a special emphasis is put on recycling of raw material of the energy.

Our clay tiles are completely NATURAL, produced simply from earth, and are extremely  DURABLE, much more than other roofing solutions. Our tiles are fully reusable and in no stage of their life could harm the environment.

Certified quality
Certificate - The Standard Institution of IsraelISO-9001Every production batch is tested according to strict quality control procedures in accordance with European standards and regulations. All orders are accompanied by a certificate of quality.

The best guarantee is our extremely rich experience of over 120 years.