Special accessories

The special accessories are typically used at roof joints. They are required to limit the drop in performance at critical points or to solve specific problems. The ridge accessories guarantee the water tightness along the horizontal and sloping ridges, protecting the intersection of the adjoining roof pitches. The three-way ridge pieces are used at the junction between three ridges. A four-way ridge piece is used to join together four triangular roof pitches. The ridge end plates have a special shape which “closes” the ridge. The ridge end pieces are used at the edges of the roof pitch to finish the ridge lines. The side profiles are used to cover the side edges of the roof pitch, thereby avoiding the use of additional waterproofing and protection pieces (e.g. metal flashing)..

The accessories
The ventilation accessories are used to improve the air circulation on the inner side of the roof. They must never be used as bathroom or boiler air vents, as they have not been designed for that purpose, they are not able to guarantee the correction air venting and can result in hazardous air returns.
The Air vent base piece with or without chimney cylinder enables you to cover exits of pipes in order to avoid direct contact with hot air and damp of acid fumes.

In order to avoid problems of integration (colors, size, shape, fixing system) it is best to use products from the same supplier.