Green Building

Environmental responsibility

In today’s world we are all concerned about the environment and at Artile – Cunial Tiles we believe it’s very important to look at how we can reduce our impact on our planet.

We are proud to be part of the ILGBC association, and take an active role in promoting green building principles and objectives in the local construction market.

Our manufacturing plant was designed for an efficient and responsible production. We use local raw material and as waste minimization has always been a priority for us, we practice responsible clay excavation.

The tiles production is a zero waste – zero sewage environmental friendly process.

A special emphasis is put on recycling: recycling of raw material throughout the production process and recycling of the energy used in various phases of the process.

Artile Cunial Tiles has integrated the reuse of process wastes such as reject tiles: crushed tiles can serve for as a beautiful and eco-friendly covering solution for gardens or large terrain and other construction purposes.

Green product life

Our clay tiles are completely NATURAL and extremely DURABLE, much more than other roofing solutions. Our tiles are fully reusable.

Superior Quality:

Timeless beauty. Both natural color and colored tiles will not fade.

Product do not degrade over time.

Clay roof tiles make a roof more energy-efficient.

Water runoff is clean.

Green Building and Energy efficiency

Artile Cunial tiles is committed to the green building principle and goal, and believes in a climatic design for a durable and sustainable home, where the thermal well-being is maintained and energy consummation is efficient.

In light of the above vision and commitment, we recommend a passive and worldwide acknowledged efficient ventilation method of the pitched roof: passive natural ventilation under the tiles.

This above sheathing ventilation layer, of several cm height, draws the heat outside of the roof before it can penetrate into the building. This ventilation strategy helps remove unwanted heat and moisture from the roof deck, in that way improving the roof’s thermal performance as well as its durability. The air channel also provides an improvement in the insulating effect of the roofing system.