Harmony of the the past and the present, the Standard Marsigliese roof tile brings together the beautiful appearance of a terracotta roof, enormous flexibility in use and an excellent performance, which is suitable for the most modern and state of the art in architectural designs. The tile is suitable even for steeply sloping roofs, with excellent waterproofing and rainwater runoff characteristics, and it is without doubt the most traditional and tested of all the clay tiles. The Standard Marsigliese tiles are available in variety of colors, 14 tiles cover one square metre and they are fixed by siliconized nails on battens set at the required spacing.

Antique Series

American Style Series

We are pleased to introduce the series “Amercian Style”, a combination of several colors of tiles that together, showing a variety of unique and inspired by the standard construction and design of contemporary American and European
American Style series allows you, the client, architect and designer to mix and match any color of your choice.

Premium Line

The Premium line supplies a special and colorful option for the special requests of our custumers.